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EMDR Intensives

When you are in pain you feel every second and when you want to get better you want it right now. In therapy we talk about how change takes time but then what happens we meet once a week for months. For many this just isn't a good option. Intensives are a way to get time back and relief now.

Why did I come here? Why is this taking so long? This is what you think as you reach the end of your weekly/biweekly meeting with your therapist. You know that sessions help, and that change is happening' You do not have the time to wait months or years for things to improve. You thought that once you took the jump and got started then it would be different. You are trying so hard to figure out what is going on, but you just cannot shake the feeling you have that something is in the way from you moving forward. It took so much just to start therapy and now you feel like you just don’t have the time to get as deep as you need to. You want to have the room and the time to enact change now.

You deserve to have the time and space to go where you need to go. To look at the things that have been put away, tucked into a corner, or on your to do list for a long time. With an EMDR intensive you have the time and space to unpack and decide what to keep, what to toss, and what needs attention here and now. You do not have to feel stuck in the pattern of coming into a session, doing the “how are you” check in and feeling like before you even know it the session has ended. You get to cut out the pressure to get everything wrapped up in an hour.

Weekly therapy sessions make a difference for you, but you want something that fits your needs and your time frame. You can do an EMDR intensive as an adjunct therapy to weekly/biweekly sessions or an intensive on its own. My EMDR intensives are made to fit your schedule. When you book an intensive you not only have the ability and options to extend, shorten, or break up the work but no one else gets scheduled that day. You have the therapist, office, and day(s) all to focus on yourself with no rush and no pressure to get it all done in 50-55 minutes.

Doing an intensive EMDR session (one day or multiple days) can be both financially advantageous and time efficient. You get these benefits from not spending time a) checking in at the beginning of the session, b) having to spend time focusing on day-to-day concerns, c) working on skills that you may or may not need after therapy, and d) the wind down as you leave and go home. With those things out of the way you can focus on what is getting in the way and get through what you want or need to go back into the world feeling more balanced and able to have your life feel more in your control.

I use metrics in my work not only for myself as a clinician but also for my clients. Therapy, while we know it has benefits, can sometimes be hard to prove to ourselves that it is working or making a difference. By using metrics that you are the one to complete, not me the therapist, throughout working together you can see, objectively, that doing an EMDR intensive has an impact.

If you still have questions please reach out to me at and I can schedule a consultation and send you any additional information that you would be interested in.

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