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LAGNIAPPE: (lan-yap) a little extra, something given as a bonus or extra gift, origin Cajun-French

Words have power and what we call things matters. I chose the word lagniappe as part of my business name for two reasons. One is to honor a mentor of mine who has died and took the meaning of lagniappe seriously. He made sure I had what I needed plus a little extra. The other is because I love languages and this word fits my want to provide clients with the care that they not only deserve but also a little extra. The word lagniappe is for me my mission statement in two syllables.

Get What You Want

You’ve been scrolling through the internet trying to figure out how to deal with what’s going on. Something is off but you can’t quite figure out what to do about it. You are tired of dealing with flashbacks, messed up relationships, zoning out at work, and feeling like at any moment someone is going to figure out that you are a mess. You have a lot on your plate to manage: family, school, your relationship, a business, and you feel like there are too many balls in the air to juggle. You have this deep dread that you are going to drop one.

Your sex life may be non-existent or hanging on by a thread. Your relationship(s) are not what they use to be. You feel disconnected both emotionally and physically from everyone.

You want help, you want direction, and you want a plan. You want to get life in order. How do you get going with this? Take that step and contact me to book a free initial 30-minute consultation.

Whether you are looking for EMDR, sex therapy, a kink/BDSM-comptent therapist,LGBTQIA+ competent counseling services, sex and gender care, or online therapy, I can help. I’m based in Fremont, Seattle, but have a hybrid practice so that I can offer services for all of Washington state.

If you have health issues, chronic illness, or allergies and are concerned about coming in person please know that therapy and EMDR can be done successfully online and I offer those services.

Focus areas:
  • EMDR

  • Sexual Assault Recovery

  • Kink and BDSM Competent Sex therapy

  • Telehealth EMDR and counseling

  • First Responders/Military competent counseling

  • EMDR consultation for clinicians

  • Washington state MH licensure supervision

More About Me

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You may have been to therapy before or maybe you haven’t. Either way you want to know a little bit about the person sitting in front of you before you see them. There are just some things that’ll make you instantly rule someone out and you don’t want to waste your time with calling around. Not every therapist is a good fit for every person. It’s important to find someone who is a good fit for you. That’s why you are here.

My name is Laura Wood. I am a licensed mental health counselor (LH61048244) in Washington. I have been working in the mental health field for over 10 years in various settings such as adoption, foster care, community mental health and hospital settings working in several states, finally landing in Washington.

I am passionate about my work. I am a third culture kid (TCK) having grown up abroad until I moved to the US when I started university. I consider myself a goofball and love to find the funny. I can talk about food, languages, and culture all day long. I spend time outside of work being creative, finding new places to go, or finding new hole in the wall tasty food options I want to know "all the things" and am constantly learning with a love for random facts.

I help people through a combination of EMDR and sex therapy. EMDR can provide relief from trauma, discomfort and shame while sex therapy can help to build a roadmap to your ideal personal and relational sexual health. Through this combination, I see happier and healthier relationships, more self esteem, increased self confidence, lowered anxiety, and a greater sense of overall well being. If you are ok with someone who swears, will help you while making you laugh at me, and hold you accountable when needed then I may be the therapist for you.

AASECT badge signifying Laura Wood as a certified sex therapistEMDRIA badge certifying Laura Wood as an EMDR therapistEMDRIA badge certifying Laura Wood as an EMDR consultant

Sessions & Fees

What are the next steps?

You can request a free, 30-minute initial consultation, which I host via a HIPAA-compliant telehealth platform. You will chat with me via a secure video link for the free consultation. If you choose to schedule with me, I will send you some forms that must be completed before the consultation. This way, the consultation can focus on your specific questions, and, by providing some information ahead of time, I can give more detailed or specific answers. During our consultation I will answer questions, provide any additional information you are looking for, and explain more on how we can work together to achieve your goals.

**As a first responder there are financial resources for you to get mental health care and lower the barriers to accessing care. The fees on my fee schedule page do not apply to you. Please contact me for what you would pay per session.

Weekly or biweekly sessions:
  • 50-55 minute session $200

  • Intake 90-minute session $350

  • 90-minute EMDR session $300

Marathon Sessions:

3 hour appointments- total cost of $600

  • 1 day intensive $1600

  • 2 days $2800

  • 3 days or more 4000+ (depends on length desired)

Included in the fees for intensives are the following:

60 minute initial intake session. This is a separate appointment completed prior to the intensive.

30 minute virtual pre meet before the intensive

30 minute virtual post meet, scheduled 5 to 7 days after the intensive

48 hour check in after the intensive conducted by the communication method of your choice

* if this is what you are interested in I have additional materials for you. Please email for more information.

I am currently an out of network provider with insurance but can provide a superbill for clients to submit for insurance reimbursement. Note that not all insurance companies reimburse for out of network providers. You can use debit, credit cards to pay for sessions. If you want to use your HSA or FSA to pay for sessions you can BUT only if you are NOT seeking insurance reimbursement.

Please contact your insurance provider prior to coming to your first appointment. I do have a PDF with how to contact your insurance and what information you need ahead of time when you call to seek out of network reimbursement if you would like one.

Please note that insurance DOES NOT (to the provider’s knowledge currently) reimburse for EMDR intensive sessions or marathon sessions.

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